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Retail marketing covers all the activities needed to achieve success in the relevant marketplaces. Along with the development of a tailored marketplace strategy, this includes the creation of attractive, optimized content discoverable through organic searching. The only way to achieve long-term success is to keep a constant eye on all the relevant marketplace KPIs, making it possible to respond to customer requirements and requests quickly and effectively. 

Paid search engine advertising (SEA) is a key component of every e-commerce strategy. There are many reasons to ensure representation with differentiated brand and product adverts on search engines like Google, Bing and the also auction-based Google Display Network (GDN), as well as feed-based marketplaces like Google Shopping. This lets search engines deliver the most relevant traffic, with strong conversion rates, thus achieving the highest proportion of revenue of all digital channels.

With fast websites, relevant content and a functional user experience, organic searching can be used to efficiently address potential demand. User behaviour and requirements change fast in the SEO arena. The experts from our SEO agency know what is required of professional search engine optimisation to retrieve the right results for the right visitors at the right time.

Our expertise and our wide-ranging contacts with marketers and networks help to build quality partnerships and therefore to implement our clients’ marketing strategies in a campaign-driven way. As well as defining the relevant KPIs for our clients in a general sense, we find and evaluate the affiliate network that is right for the client’s individual objectives and sectors – always with an eye on the strategy: whether public, with many partners, or private with just a few high-value partners.


We evaluate marketing communications performance and redesign its content, structure and budget – using the full communications mix. Naturally, this also includes a continuous review of all relevant KPIs. This includes a full Media, Positioning and Innovation Strategy. Each of these three pillars have their unique approach and weight for each client and product.  


Social media is its own ecosystem where searches can be done and online purchases made. There are now multiple dominant social networks suited to addressing certain target groups. In addition to accessibility, the data foundation that social platforms are built on is an important component in the media mix. We know that users run targeted search for content that will help them in their present situations. That is precisely where the brand-specific content needs to be anchored. Content marketing is a fantastic tool for using good content to address and convince the target audience. 


Due to their enormous reach and the creative ways they can ‘package’ (advertising) messages, these platforms support the spread of influencer marketing. Many companies now have specific budgets for influencer communication. In the sensory overload from media, influencers occupy an unusual position and have a particular relationship to the users, as their posts appear less like advertising and more like recommendations. Influencer marketing has now been professionalised to the point that this discipline is as important as other elements in the media mix.


Never before has there been such constant consumption of media across all devices, and the associated contact opportunities have never been so widespread. For brands, this creates a need to efficiently address your target group while simultaneously building or developing your brand in a way that meets increasingly individual requirements. Our recipe for success is therefore about covering customer-specific target groups by integrating data we collect on user behaviour and attitudes into media planning tools.  


Display, Video and Mobile the trinity that has to be mastered to have a successful campaign.  

Display advertising promotes top-of-mind awareness, relevant set and first choice quickly, directly and efficiently, thereby achieving a direct impact on sales. Implemented at selected points throughout the customer decision journey, display advertising achieves impressively large reach, high impact and optimal cost efficiency. 

Online video advertising also reaches the “TV light viewer”, traditionally found in young, educated target audiences with high incomes. It is only with an awareness of the different ways that the various digital video formats work and an ability to implement them in a targeted manner, that you can integrate them into the video advertising mix in a complementary way that creates synergistic effects. Even when watching television, reading the newspaper or listening to the radio, a smartphone is always within our reach. The significance of mobile devices is therefore beyond doubt. For product research and use of content – and therefore for the disciplines SEA, SEO, social and webdev – the key phrase is “mobile first”.  

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